Who may benefit?

A variety of health conditions can be supported by restoring physiologic balance through naturopathic principles, functional nutrition and occupational therapy:

Fatigue: Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? There are a variety of reasons you may feel depleted. Perhaps it is hormonal imbalance, leaky gut, poor digestion, nutrient depletion, food sensitivities or long term chronic illness that has stumped experts.  It could be due to adrenal “burn out” or what is referred to as HPA axis dysfunction. The HPA axis produces “stress hormone” and can compensate for a while, but ultimately can get drained if the root of the health issue is not addressed.  This may be due to poor adaptation to physical, mental or emotional stress, or from chronic unresolved disease states, such as an excessive viral, bacterial or autoimmune load. Utilizing naturopathic principles and functional medicine testing, we can find the root cause of your fatigue and address it. This is different than the cookie cutter mentality, as each person is individualized and will be addressed as such.

Digestive Dysfunction: Is your digestion not working as well as you think it should? Do you find yourself with excessive gas, bloating, belching or pain? Naturopathic Doctors are the masters at addressing the digestive system. An old naturopathic saying is “health begins with the gut”. The ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins are at the core of one’s health. Intestinal dysbiosis (imbalanced intestinal flora), candidiasis or bacterial overgrowth happen when the digestive ecosystem goes out of balance and toxic metabolites are released. Dysbiosis can also present as fatigue, joint pain, irritability, mood swings, allergies, and multiple chemical sensitivities. There are a variety of conditions that can impact the digestive system including: low stomach acid, food sensitivity, leaky gut syndrome, stress response, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Candida, Irritable Bowel (IBS), GERD/Reflux, Heartburn, diarrhea or constipation. Utilizing naturopathic principles and functional medicine testing, we can find the root cause of your digestive concerns and address it.

Complex Health Conditions:  Do you experience a health condition or long term chronic illness that stumps experts?  Perhaps you are dealing with a multisystem illness with a constellation of symptoms including pain, tingling/numbness, extreme fatigue or brain fog. There is a variety of health imbalances that are now being identified as ‘Chronic Complex Health Conditions’. There are many labels for this, including Lyme Disease, Epstein-Barr Virus, Autoimmune diseases, Mold Mycotoxin Illness and other related conditions that can deplete the immune system. Dr. Crystal has experience consulting with these conditions.

Dr. Crystal has advanced training in Chronic Complex Health conditions including education on Lyme disease, Autoimmune Conditions, Mold and  Mycotoxin illness. She has specialized education on Byron White Formulary and utilizes a whole person approach to consulting on complex health conditions. Using both naturopathic principles and functional testing, we work to identify the root of your health obstacles.


Joint and Muscle Pain: Chronic joint, muscle pain and headaches can be due to either structural concerns or chronic systemic inflammation. Structural concerns may include fascial restrictions and postural dysfunction. Internal reasons for chronic pain vary, including food sensitivities, nutrient depletion, chronic systemic inflammation, long term chronic illness, digestive bacterial overgrowth and digestive dysfunction.  Addressing chronic pain from a whole person, multi systems approach is optimal. Naturopathic principles and functional medicine testing can be used to identify obstacles causing the pain.

Children’s Health: Children have special nutritional, immune system and nurturing needs at each unique stage of development. Children have very high vitality and respond quickly to change, including positive dietary and health changes. Children respond well to an enriched learning environment that includes but is not limited to Sensory Integration, and when age appropriate self-regulating and self-calming strategies.

Skin health: Skin concerns can plague people for decades. Often skin concerns are related to other internal concerns such as digestive or elimination health.

Blood sugar abnormalities: Do you feel that if you skip a meal you feel ill? or that after a meal you feel lethargic and low energy? Regulating blood sugar is important to one’s overall health. Diabetes and more subtle impaired glucose tolerance are common conditions that impact one’s energy and ability to heal.

Thyroid dysfunction: The thyroid hormone is very sensitive to the environment and environmental toxicities. In the United States, thyroid dysfunction is on the rise at an alarming rate. The thyroid is an important organ that helps to regulate energy, metabolism and a variety of complex hormonal interactions. If there is dysfunction in this gland, there may be changes in hair texture, weight changes and changes in sleep patterns, just to name a few.

Female hormone dysfunction: The hormonal fluctuations of a women’s cycle is complex  and can be impacted by one’s diet, environmental toxicities and endocrine disruptors.  PMS, PCOS and irregular cycles are among these conditions.

Perinatal and Breastfeeding Support: Restoring physiologic balance can help you in your attempts to conceive, during your pregnancy and afterward. Women have special needs during this time of their lives as well as special consideration for specific nutrients. During the breastfeeding stage, women can be supported with nutrients and botanicals that are safe and effective.

Athletic Recovery: From the weekend warrior to the elite athlete, there are a variety of specific concerns for those who participate in exercise and sports. Athletes often overlook painful conditions and recovery strategies.

Environmental Sensitivities/Toxicity: Our bodies carry an overburden, or toxic load, due the variety of chemical and synthetic materials being produced today. There are many routes to reducing body burden, including reducing the use of toxic chemicals (including body care items and cleaning supplies) and utilizing detox programs.

Immune System Support: When your immune system is healthy and strong, it is able to fight off viruses, fungus, bacteria and allergens. Supporting the immune system is a key area to maintaining optimal health and preventing illness. Immune system support can prevent common seasonal illnesses, including colds and flu.

Cardiovascular Support: Inflammation is now a well researched cause of many disease conditions, including cardiovascular disease. Chronic inflammation caused by oxidation of metabolites can cause a detrimental impact to the entire vascular system. Hypertension, strokes, heart attacks and elevated cholesterol are a few of the common cardiovascular conditions.


**Disclaimer: This information is not meant as a diagnosis of disease. This is information is for educational purposes only.