About Dr. Crystal

Why am I still feeling fatigued? Why am I getting sick all of the time?

These are all questions I receive and have had myself while beginning my own journey to wellness. Just like you, I struggled with my health. 

I’m like you. I’m a busy mom of three young children, working and running a business. I am a lifetime learner and have a quest to research info to help improve people’s health everyday. I love to read research articles on health and have been known to stay up a little too late in my quest of information (a good naturopathic doctor will tell you that getting adequate rest is a foundation for good health). I can help you differentiate helpful and useful advice about natural medicine. I’m like you; I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I went from being a skeptic of naturopathic medicine to becoming a Naturopathic Physician.

When I was in my twenties I met my first naturopathic doctor. I was tired of being sick all of the time and having such poor energy. I was born with kidney complications and I was told that I would need antibiotics for the rest of my life.

When it came to natural health and naturopathic medicine, I was a skeptic. I came from a conventional background and was a practicing Occupational Therapist in a medical setting. However, I started to realize that medications were failing me. I started to see that some of prescriptions were a band-aid, not really addressing the root of my issues or optimizing my health. When I started to work with a naturopathic doctor, we were able to identify the obstacles to my health and get me back to optimal health. I feel better now than I did in my twenties and thirties.

I am an experienced medical provider with over twenty years of dedication in the health care industry. 

I received my Occupational Therapy bachelor’s degree in 2000 from the University of Illinois at Chicago. With my quest for knowledge, I wanted to find a natural medicine program that was both accredited and research oriented. I went back to graduate school to become a Naturopathic Doctor and received my doctoral degree in Naturopathic Medicine in 2012 from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Il. In 2016 I decided to add to my knowledge base and received my board credentials for CNS, or Certified Nutrition Specialist. Professionally, I have had the opportunity to lecture to both medical professionals and the public on various topics including gastrointestinal health, hormones, nutrition and breastfeeding. I have vast experience in pediatrics, chronic illness/immune recovery, hormone/thyroid disorders and digestive/gastrointestinal disorders.

I have had advanced coursework specializing in endocrine/hormone function, thyroid function, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), homeopathy, methylation/nutrigenomics (MTHFR), chronic illness recovery (Lyme, EBV, Mold Illness), sensory integration and myofascial release, just to name a few. I am also a practitioner in Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release and a Kinesiotape.

I am passionate about helping you return to optimal health through improving the immune system, endocrine balance, gastrointestinal health and restoring the “whole” person from a multi perspective view. I am devoted to restoring wellness by focusing on an integrative approach that includes nutrition, nutrigenomics, homeopathy, botanicals, functional medicine, hydrotherapy and soft tissue/manual therapy. I am comfortable seeing a wide range of patients, from infants through adulthood.

I have a family of my own and have found the personal benefits of applying naturopathic principles to my overall health including during my pregnancy and while nursing my children. I am a volunteer and active member of the Illinois Association of Naturopathic Physicians (ILANP) and a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP).  While not seeing patients, I enjoy spending time with my family. I love the outdoors, exercising and I have recently added PTA member to my “Mom Resume”. I am thrilled to be able to help people in Wheaton and the surrounding Chicago suburbs of Illinois.

I encourage you to take this first step in reclaiming your health.

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